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Our Story

Jo Turner’s first Josephine’s Chocolate Cameo was designed and created when she was at university and Sarah McNamee has always been proficient at eating chocolate. It is the perfect partnership. The sisters are both avid fans of Jane Austen’s wonderful novels, and have made several pilgrimages to Regency England in the form of an extended road trip around beautiful country estates, and parading around Bath in their period finery at the world-renowned Jane Austen Festival.

Jo had always dreamt of owning her own business, making delicious and elegant luxury chocolates inspired by the world of Jane Austen. In order to build upon that dream with years of training and experience, she studied Baking Technology Management at London South Bank University, where she developed her knowledge of and skill in confectionary, and refined her entrepreneurial ambitions.

After moving to Edinburgh with her husband, Jo was ready to embark on making her dream a reality. She makes her own moulds, sourcing the finest ingredients, and handcrafting each of her delicious chocolate creations individually. She brought Sarah on board to help manage the day-to-day running of the business, training her in all aspects of chocolate craft, and making use of her experience in marketing and publishing.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we love chocolate.
We love working with it, playing with it, designing and sculpting it. And, of course, eating it (definitely the best part). A large bar of chocolate is the best recipe for happiness we have ever heard of. 

They wanted to create a company that fit around their lives and their families. They are passionate about Women’s Rights and encourage flexible working hours to fit around the modern parent’s responsibilities. The Josephine’s Chocolate kitchen feels like home. We love bopping along to the radio, or enjoying the calming influence of Jane Austen audio books, while we lovingly create our chocolate. Our fun environment and firm friendship are at the heart of our chocolate, and we hope you can taste the love with every bite.

"The Person, Be It A Gentleman Or A Lady, Who Has Not Pleasure In A Good Chocolate, Must Possess An Intolerable Amount Of Self-Control."

Jo & Sarah at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath
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