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Custom Chocolates


At Josephine's we love creating unique and interesting chocolates. Whether you require gifts for clients or a special occasion or event, we can work with you to design exquisitely elegant treats.


 To discuss your requirements please contact 

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Custom Marshmallows

Is there anything as satisfying than a box of delicious squishy marshmallow?

We can provide a range of custom marshmallow flavours for example raspberry and mint, pistachio or add flourishes like 23 carat gold flakes or fruit or nut pieces. We can also customise any wax seals with your own design. 

Our Marshmallow boxes are a perfect corporate or seasonal gift.

Minimum order requirement will apply.


Trays & Canapes

Do you have an event in need of some delicious marshmallow or chocolate treats?

Our Vanilla Marshmallows and Chocolate seals look wonderful on any canape tray, and guests will enjoy this perfectly bite-sized sweet treat.

Order a tray of Marshmallows or bowls of Chocolate Seals.

Minimum order requirement will apply.


Chocolate Shards

Need chocolate treats for your special occasion?

We can provide a range of Chocolate Shards or Slabs, from Unicorn themed (pictured) or salted caramel popcorn to hazelnut crunch. Why not order a slab and ask your guests to smash off a piece?

Our Chocolate Shards are the ideal after dinner treat for any occasion.

Minimum order requirement will apply.

They are delicious! Can't praise them highly enough!


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