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The Adventures of Josephine

Photography by Matt Davies

Hello! And welcome to the new Adventures of Josephine Blog where we at Josephine's Chocolate aim to entertain and inform. We'll be bringing you sneak peeks of new products. We'll take you behind the scenes and into our chocolate kitchen, where we'll share some delicious chocolate recipes (with pictures,of course). We'll also be sharing some stories and advice based on our experience of starting a small business, as well as exploring our muse - Jane Austen.

To launch this new Adventure we've put together our take on a 'Beginners Guide' to Jane Austen's six novels, taking readers through a quick synopsis of the books (without too many spoilers) and detailing what we think is so brilliant and inspired about Jane Austen's writing. We had originally intended to rank Jane Austen’s novels, from favourite to slightly less favoured, but we just couldn’t do it. We don’t have favourites. Each one is wonderfully unique and holds a special place in our hearts and on our shelves, easy to grab in case of Austen withdrawal. Like different chocolates in a box, each one will fit a different mood or want, and each is as tasty as the others. Who can choose between chocolate #1 and chocolate #2? They’re both still chocolate!

So instead, we’re going to tell you why each book is special. It'll be a great introduction to those who are maybe new to the world of Austen and, for those who are old hats, will provide our (sometimes witty, hopefully entertaining) take on the novels. It will also help us in taking our first steps into the realm of blogging!

We do hope you'll join Josephine on this exciting Adventure!

Jo and Sarah xx

aka Josephine (Team Josephine's Chocolate)

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