Milk or Dark Chocolate Love Heart, filled with dark chocolate flakes for easy melting to make the most decadently delicious hot chocolate.

Heart Hot Chocolate Bomb

Type of Chocolate
Add Mini Marshmallows & Chocolate Flakes? +£4


Heart Hot Chocolate Bomb , filled with delicate chocolate flakes.


Heat roughly 300ml of milk, less if you want it really chocolatey, or more if you like your hot chocolate milky.

Add the Chocolate Heart and watch it melt lavishly into the milk. Whisk, pour and enjoy!


Enough for 2-3 medium mugs (more if you use extra milk)


Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate.


Feeling decadent? Why not add some handmade vanilla mini marshmallows & extra chocolate flakes to top off your hot chocolate delight.


Marshmallows best eaten within 10 days of delivery.