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Marianne Cameo Brooch


Beautiful Chocolate Cameo Brooch with layers of white chocolate and a milk/dark chocolate base.




Marianne Cameo Brooch


Marianne Dashwood has very strong notions of her romantic ideal, but there is a tragic arc to her story. She is fiery and passionate, and feels her connections so strongly and her losses so deeply. This Cameo is the perfect gift for anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve.


  • Luxuriously smooth white chocolate Cameo face
  • Josephine's blue coloured white chocolate background*
  • Choice of milk or dark chocolate frame with edible gold dust
  • Because we understand you will probably not want to eat this beautiful creation right away, each cameo comes with six milk or dark and white chocolate Josephine's seals to tease your palette


*Due to small batch sizes, the colour of the background may vary slightly


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