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Milk Chocolate Captain Wentworth's Sea Salt Caramels


Four beautifully smooth, slightly chewy sea salt caramels coated in milk chocolate, topped with a sprinkling of Maldon Sea Salt.


Milk Chocolate Captain Wentworth's Sea Salt Caramels


Captain Wentworth may have travelled the world, but we would bet our chocolate that he has never come across Sea Salt Caramels as delicious as these ones.


The creamy milk chocolate melts into the chewy handmade caramel, with just a small sharp salty aftertaste, whereas our dark chocolate version is luxuriously rich, balancing the flavours perfectly.


These come in boxes of four, but you will soon need to come back for more.


  • Four delicious sea salt caramels
  • Choice of milk or dark chocolate
  • Because our Sea Salt Caramels are made fresh without preservatives, they are best eaten within 10 days of delivery