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Couple Portrait Chocolate Slab


Milk or dark chocolate tablet with white chocolate silhouettes and 'Mr & Mrs', 'Mrs & Mrs', or 'Mr & Mr'.

Couple Portrait Chocolate Slab


Who doesn't love a huge slab of meltingly good chocolate? This is the perfect wedding gift, as the couple will have to learn to share their chocolate!


We love the contrast of flavours between the sweet, smooth white chocolate and the sharp dark chocolate, or choose milk chocolate for ultimate creaminess.


These beautiful silhouettes are hand cast from specially sourced moulds to create elegant outlines, which perfectly reflect the Regency pastime of profile painting.


  • Luxuriously smooth white chocolate male and female profiles
  • Male and male/female and female silhouettes available (please choose your option when you order)
  • 'Mr & Mrs', 'Mr & Mr', or 'Mrs & Mrs' written in white chocolate ( please choose your option when you order)
  • Choice of milk or dark chocolate plaque
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