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Mr Tilney's Muslin Marshmallows


Four meltingly good large marshmallows with white, milk or dark chocolate Josephine's seals.


As we don't use any preservatives in our products, our Marshmallows have a shelf life of 14 days from delivery.


Mr Tilney's Muslin Marshmallows


The flirtiest of Austen's heroes, with his in-depth knowledge of soft textiles we have no doubt Mr Tilney would approve of these gloriously gooey marshmallows, he would praise the meltingly smooth texture and the sweet flavour, and we believe he would enjoy eating them with a large mug of real hot chocolate. The chocolate seals would slowly melt into the mix, creating a marshmallow-chocolate state of sensual pleasure, rivalled only by that induced by good novel.


  • Four large fluffy vanilla marshmallows
  • Choice of white, milk or dark chocolate Josephine's seals
  • Because we do not use any preservatives, these marshmallows are best eaten within two weeks of delivery