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Calligraphy and Chocolate Wax Seal Workshop

Thursday August 22nd, 6pm

Join us for an evening of chocolate and calligraphy at the glorious Hidden Lane Tearoom in Glasgow.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all love chocolate!

Josephine’s Chocolate specialise in elegant handmade chocolates and love working with it, playing with it, designing and sculpting with it, not to mention eating it!

As part of this workshop, Jo will demonstrate the ‘seeding’ technique for tempering chocolate at home and show you how to pipe and stamp chocolate with a wax seal stamp to create beautifully elegant edible chocolate wax seals; fabulous used as edible cake toppings or as a little gift!

Using your ‘Make Your Own Chocolate Wax Seal Kit’, which is included in the price of your ticket, you’ll then use the tempered chocolate to stamp and decorate your own chocolate wax seals.

Whilst waiting for the chocolate to solidify, Laura will introduce you to the art of modern calligraphy using a dip pen and ink guiding you through the materials used, techniques on to stroke and letter formation. A full calligraphy kit will be provided and is yours to take home.

We’ll then package up our chocolate seals and adorn with your own beautiful calligraphy messages. Tea and cake is also provided by our friends at the Tearoom.

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Check back soon for more upcoming events...

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